Frequently Asked Questions

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Can you remove my name from your website?
Kindly provide us with the complete URL of the pages you want us to remove. You can copy and paste it from the address bar of your web browser. Do provide the related link to images if you want them removed too. We will add your name to the blacklist that will prevent the search engines from crawling pages containing your name. Note that we reserve the right to deny your request if your name is too common.

Why is my name considered a bad name or word?
This website uses a profanity filter to make it brand-safe for advertisers. Please use the form below and let us know the name you want for reconsideration. We cannot guarantee inclusion. We will investigate the name if it passes our quality tests before adding it to the safe list.

My first name is unique; why didn’t it appear on my actual birth year?
According to the SSA website, if the first name has less than five occurrences per state per year, it will not be included in the public database. Their reason is that they want to make it challenging for others to identify who those five persons were. Think of it as a security measure to protect the individual.

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