1,500+ Fabulous & Beautiful French Names

What do the names Marie, Julie, Taylor, Jacqueline, Austin, Denise, Russell, Travis, Curtis, and Sherry have in common? You will be right if your answer is “they’re all French names!” Not only that but they are also the all-time top ten French names in the US since 1880.

A French name sounds sophisticated, sensual, chic, and fabulous. It can steal anyone’s heart. Indeed, the French language evokes an aura of beauty and elegance. Je ne sais quoi – a pleasant quality that is hard to describe. Did you know? Before 1966 French babies get their name after a saint from the Roman Catholic calendar. There is a saint for every day of the year.

Here’s the full list of over 1,500 fabulous French names. There’s no filtering done on the list, so you are free to explore more possibilities. Each name is a link to a page where you can read more about the name’s personality and popularity.

Name Gender
Name Gender
Acadia Girl
Acelin Boy
Aceline Girl
Adalicia Girl
Adaliz Girl
Adelisa Girl
Adeliza Girl
Agate Girl
Aimes Boy
Alain Boy
Algernon Boy
Algernone Boy
Algey Boy
Algie Boy
Algy Boy
Aljernon Boy
Allerie Girl
Allgernon Boy
Allouette Girl
Alloura Girl
Allura Girl
Allure Girl
Almando Boy
Almond Unisex
Alouetta Girl
Alouette Girl
Alowette Girl
Ames Boy
Amor Unisex
Amora Girl
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