Why Catherine Rocks?

What secrets hide behind “Catherine” that makes it rock? Your first name is more than just a name!

is for change, you are able to adapt.
is for accomplished, in all that you do.
is for talent, hidden or not.
is for humble, a saintly quality.
is for enrich, a quality you share.
is for rapport, friends seek you.
is for impress, for impress you will.
is for nice, need I say more?
is for electric, a sparkling trait!

The name “Catherine” is of Greek origin. It’s a name commonly given to girls.

Your name in reverse order is “Enirehtac.” A random rearrangement of the letters in your name (anagram) will give ‘Eeahrnitc.’ How do you pronounce that?

Secret Meaning of Catherine

Secret Meaning of Catherine The true meaning of ‘Catherine’ cannot be described with just a few words. Your name is your destiny, heart’s desire, and personality. Catherine is a name that conveys a highly charged personality that attracts powerful ideas. You are diplomatic, gentle, intuitive, cooperative, and might even be a psychic. A gifted storyteller, you mesmerize others when you elaborate on the truth. You might not be aware of your powerful presence to others.

Heart Desire of Catherine Your heart’s desire is peace and harmony above anything else. You need friends and society. Your gentle nature makes you avoid confrontation as much as possible. There’s always an internal battle when you are uncertain about something. Sometimes, you have difficulty stating your needs and opinions openly. Worse, you’ll give up when confronted by a more aggressive person to avoid a fight. You dislike the use of force.

Personality of Catherine When people hear the name Catherine, they perceive you as someone who is impressive, elegant, and noble. You possess qualities common to actors, dancers, and performers. People admire your confident personality. Unfortunately, there are others who get jealous of you. You prefer not to deal directly with only one person. Instead, you want to work on a grand scale.

Wacky Catherine Your name carries certain luck and strong instincts about heart matters. You openly show your feelings or emotions rather than keeping them. You prefer being the center of attention at social gatherings.

Your most likely vocation: doctor, pharmacist, electronic engineer, teacher, banker, musician, artist, designer, consultant, nurse, book-keeper, secretary.

Lucky colors: All greens, white, and shades of white such as cream

Lucky gem(s): Pearl, jade, cat’s-eye, moonstone

Lucky day(s): Monday

Lucky botanicals: Cabbage, chicory, lettuce, plantain, melon, turnips, cucumber

You are a friend to:

You are an enemy to:

Is The Name Catherine Popular?

Popularity of Catherine in the U.S. “Catherine” is the 97th most popular baby girl’s name in Tennessee as reported in the 1972 U.S. Social Security Administration data (ssa.gov). Imagine that, 66 babies in Tennessee have the same name as you in 1972. A total of 4,696 babies also bear the same first name during that year in the U.S. From 1880 to 2018, the highest recorded use of this name was in 1956 with a total of 12,062 babies. That’s a lot of baby Catherines.

Since 1880 up to 2018, the name “Catherine” was recorded 662,189 times in the SSA public database. Using the UN World Population Prospects for 2019, that’s more than enough Catherines to occupy the country of Macao with an estimated population of 642,090.

The name first appeared in the year 1880 and given to 688 newborn babies. It became a popular name in the year 1880 with a rank of #31 nationwide and was registered 688 times as a baby girl’s name. Catherine became a popular girl’s name in the state of District of Columbia in the year 1912. It ranked #6 with 50 babies. The all-time high record for this name was in 1917 in the state of Pennsylvania with 1,600 baby girls.

This name is a consistent top ranking girl’s name in the state of District of Columbia for 107 years from 1910 to 2018 (may not be consecutive).

For the past eight decades (1939 to 2018), the name “Catherine” was recorded 425,899 times in the SSA database.

What’s Next?

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