385 Popular Italian Names

Spaghetti, mozzarella, pizza, risotto, and lasagna are all yummy Italian foods. Can you give at least ten Italian names? That’s easy! Let’s start with Sandra, Donna, Loretta, Brandy, Bianca, Giovanni, Gianna, Rochelle, Mona, and Lucia are the all-time top ten in the U.S. according to the Social Security Administration’s public data (ssa.gov).

Did you know? Most Italian boy names end in -o, for example, Bruno, Antonio, Crisanto, Enzo, and Francesco. They can also end in -e or -i, like Pasquale and Giovanni. Italian girl names commonly end in -a, like Carla, Isabella, Aurora, Olivia, and Sofia. Just like the boys, they can also end in -e or -i, like Adele and Noemi. You can even transform common base names to Italian names. Just add -ino, -etto, or -ello on boy names like Claudio to Claudino, Paolo to Paoletto, and Donato to Donatello. For girl names, add -ina, -etta, or -ella, like Angela to Angelina, Rosa to Rosetta, and Laura to Laurella.

There are other creative ways of transforming a familiar name into Italian. Example, combining Giovanni (Gian) and Pietro (Pier) with different names like Giancarlos, Gianlucas, Gianmichael, Pierantonio, Pierfranco, and Pierangelo.

Here’s the full list of 385 popular Italian names. There’s no filtering done on the list, so you are free to explore more possibilities. Each name is a link to a page where you can read more about the name’s personality and popularity. Buona giornata!

Name Gender
Name Gender
Agnola Girl
Agnolla Girl
Agnolle Girl
Agnolo Boy
Aldon Boy
Aldus Boy
Alfio Boy
Alldo Boy
Allegra Girl
Allegretta Girl
Alvara Girl
Amadora Girl
Amalfi Girl
Amelda Girl
America Unisex
Americo Boy
Americus Boy
Amerigo Boy
Amerika Boy
Ameriko Boy
Amerikus Boy
Annunciata Girl
Annunziate Girl
Anonciada Girl
Antioch Boy
Antiochos Boy
Antiochus Boy
Antioco Boy
Anunciacion Girl
Anunciata Girl
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More about names!385 Popular Italian Names – Spaghetti, mozzarella, pizza, risotto, and lasagna are yummy Italian foods. Do you know the pattern behind some of the popular Italian names? Hint: names end in [continue]