385 Popular Italian Names

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The list contains 385 names. Showing 31 - 60. Each name will open in a new tab.

Name Gender
Name Gender
Anunziata Girl
Ardian Boy
Arduino Boy
Armani Boy
Arnald Boy
Arnaldo Boy
Arnaud Boy
Arnauld Boy
Arnault Boy
Arrigo Boy
Baldwin Boy
Bambalina Girl
Bambi Girl
Bambie Girl
Bambina Girl
Bamby Girl
Bellanca Girl
Bellarmine Boy
Bellarmino Boy
Bellveder Boy
Bellvedere Boy
Bellvidere Boy
Belveder Boy
Belvedere Boy
Belvider Boy
Belvidere Boy
Benvenuto Boy
Beonca Girl
Bertrona Girl
Beyonca Girl
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