Why Alisha Rocks?

What secrets hide behind “Alisha” that makes it rock? Your first name is more than just a name!

is for accomplished, in all that you do.
is for love, your love of life!
is for interest, you show in others.
is for sweet, your pleasing way.
is for humble, a saintly quality.
is for accepting, your forgiving nature.

The name “Alisha” is of German origin. It’s a name commonly given to girls.

Your name in reverse order is “Ahsila.” A random rearrangement of the letters in your name (anagram) will give ‘Asaihl.’ How do you pronounce that?

Secret Meaning of Alisha

Secret Meaning of Alisha The true meaning of ‘Alisha’ cannot be described with just a few words. Your name is your destiny, heart’s desire, and personality. Alisha is a name that signifies a freedom-loving and free-spirited individual. Nothing is conventional with your love of change and adventure. You make sensible decisions very quickly, especially in a dangerous or difficult situation. You are inquisitive and often ask others “Why this?,” “Why that?,” or just plain “Why?.” Multi-tasking is a breeze for you – eat and watch TV at the same time!

Heart Desire of Alisha Your heart’s desire is to settle conflicts and create harmony. Natural born peacemaker and a spiritual idealist are some of the words that describe you. You specialize in religion, philosophy, and less traditional forms of healing. The quest for enlightenment is one of your life-long pursuits. You are aware of the thoughts and feelings of others and makes you selective in choosing your friends.

Personality of Alisha When people hear the name Alisha, they perceive you as someone who is full of life, uplifting, inspiring, and even charming. You are the life of the party with your lively, intelligent, and witty personality. Others will find you as strikingly attractive and like being the center of attention. You look younger than your age and love beautiful clothes and pieces of jewelry. You have a good sense of humor.

Wacky Alisha You are a person who is true to your ambitions and interests. Independent, creative, freethinker, and have strong leadership potential. You want to be in charge and tend to like your original ideas. There are times you are impulsive.

Your most likely vocation: public relation officer, sales executive, manager of tourism or transportation, industrialist, game organizer, legal practitioner, dramatist, reporter, administrator, gambler, occultist, psychologist, religious zealot.

Lucky colors: Light gray, light shades of nearly any other color

Lucky gem(s): Light-colored stones

Lucky day(s): Tuesday

Lucky botanicals: Hazel, marjoram, oats, parsley, mushroom, parsnips, all types of nuts

You are a friend to:

You are an enemy to:

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Is The Name Alisha Popular?

Popularity of Alisha in the U.S. “Alisha” is the 86th most popular baby girl’s name in North Dakota as reported in the 1982 U.S. Social Security Administration data (ssa.gov). Imagine that, 14 babies in North Dakota have the same name as you in 1982. A total of 2,015 babies also bear the same first name during that year in the U.S. From 1880 to 2023, the highest recorded use of this name was in 1989 with a total of 2,437 babies. That’s a lot of baby Alishas.

Since 1880 up to 2023, the name “Alisha” was recorded 56,726 times in the SSA public database. Using the UN World Population Prospects for 2023, that’s more than enough Alishas to occupy the country of Greenland with an estimated population of 56,643.

The name first appeared in the year 1948 and given to six newborn babies. (See FAQ) Alisha became a popular girl’s name in the state of Wyoming in the year 1988. It ranked #48 with 11 babies. The all-time high record for this name was in 1990 in the state of Michigan with 141 baby girls.

This name is a consistent top ranking girl’s name in the state of Utah for 15 years from 1977 to 1991 (may not be consecutive).

For the past two decades (2004 to 2023), the name “Alisha” was recorded 7,047 times in the SSA database.

What’s Next?

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